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The most important quest for every person is to know God! Truly God has revealed Himself in diverse ways over the ages so that mankind would know Him, which culminated in the coming of Christ Jesus. People struggle with the knowledge of God and strive against His will at every point of truth. This battle rages in heaven and on earth, and every believer is caught in it. This website and this ministry is for those believers who desire to seek and serve the Kingdom of God. Anyone born of God's Spirit must continually yield to God and learn of Him. This requires commitment, and great importance must be placed on discipleship to develop one's Kingdom Life. Nevertheless, indifference and ignorance often reign. Many merely assume the God who loves will excuse and overlook; others choose easier paths that offer the praise of man, pleasures of worldly activities, or purposes of the self-life. This ministry acknowledges the war in the soul of every believer, knows the deception that characterizes the latter days, and understands the need of presenting truth. As the age of deception, doubt and disobedience seeks to dominate the hearts of people everywhere, to lead people away from God, this ministry  endeavors to ignite the passion and to instruct people everywhere to develop their Kingdom Life by meeting people where they are, and bring them to where Christ reigns by delivering the power, purposes and promises of God and demonstrating His character, conduct, and concerns.




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