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   In 1989 I was a successful insurance and investment sales representative in New England, earning more money than I knew what to do with, literally. I was getting and gaining, going to a mainline Protestant Church each week, and looking to mainly work my way into a retirement position as soon as I could. I wanted to get out of this sales position and do something else, though I did not fully know what that really meant or looked like. I had an interest in God and understood from my childhood training that Christ would one day return; but the core of my being was basically a belief that plagues many in this world, that is, “I was all set.”

   During these years, several people in my office witnessed to me, but I found that my religious and familial traditions held me firm in my delusions of security. My understanding of truth was sufficient and I adamantly repelled any thought that pricked my shields of safety. However, I always seemed more fully open to the reality of the Lord in one’s life whenever business seemed to be shaky, which usually meant, “I was losing a sale.” This was enough to unsettle my security.

   As I listened during these times, the Lord started to reveal Himself more fully as I called upon His name. I remember asking Him specifically, “I want to know the truth, either they were right or I was right; either they were the fool or I was the fool.” The Lord showed me the foolishness of my ways. By His grace, I came to know Christ and the truthfulness of His Word in my life. I then started to learn of Him.

   One day the Lord moved upon me greatly leading me to accept His call to the ministry. He made it clear that I would preach, teach, and write. Though seemingly very general, I knew this was the Lord’s direction for my life. The Lord then confirmed all of this to my wife Cara. With our three children, we were divinely led to Zion Bible Institute, now Northpoint Bible College. There, I further learned of Christ as the Word of God came alive in me. This began cutting me away from my old life.

   After graduation, I went to the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, where I was further developed academically. Upon graduation there, I was invited back to Zion, where I had the honor of teaching for the next four years, and began my doctoral studies with Regent University.

   Over the past twenty-five years I have taught neighborhood children, Wednesday Night Bible studies for children, and Sunday School classes. I have preached regularly and evangelized on the streets. I have worked as a school administrator turning a struggling school around, and have been an associate pastor, senior associate pastor, and senior pastor. Over these years, the Lord has given me an opportunity to minister in a variety of settings, enabling me to better understand the needs of the Church. A common thread that has run through each ministry has been the need for people to know God’s Word.

  Truly, I desire to see people come to the knowledge of the truth that is in Christ, thus evaporating the various delusions and deceptions that cloak the understanding of so many people. My hope is to see believers come to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, loving the truth in these dire days. Blessings to you as you endeavor to know the revelation of God that surpasses anything this world has to offer. May you find His Spirit leading and guiding you! Amen!

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